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Be prepared for the
Bio- and MedTech Business

  • Learn how to develop and successful market biomedical technology
  • Increase the return of your investments in biomedical innovation
  • Get ready for a new career in a life science start-up
  • Discover how to transfer a bio- or medtech project from academia to industry
  • Obtain a comprehensive overview of the innovation process in life science

Drive Innovation in Life Sciences

The process of innovation in life science is capital intensive, associated with a high risk as well as highly regulated and is therefore distinct from other types of innovation. This book closes the educational gap in life science entrepreneurship and fills a market niche. It allows you to understand, manage and successfully lead the innovation process in life science.


What will you learn from this book?

Create your own life science start-up:
Understand the key aspects for the creation and growth of a successful business

Invest in bio- or medtech companies:
Prepare the ground for profitable investment decisions

Accompany life science start-ups:
Support the transfer of technology from academia to industry and become a valuable advisor for life science start-ups

Complete your education:
Get insights in life science entrepreneurship and explore a possible future career path

Develop your  professional skills: Increase your knowledge about the bio- and medtech business and boost your career

  • Two distinct sections in Bio- and MedTech Entrepreneurship
  • A unique collection of life science sector specific topics
  • Contributions from 30 international authors
  • 25 chapters from entrepreneurs, experts and investors in life sciences
  • 50 graphics, tables and diagrams
  • 22 specially designed cartoons


What opinion leaders say about this book

“Bio- and Medtech Entrepreneurship - a must-companion of young Start-up entrepreneurs.

Dr. Henri B. Meier, The Doyen of Swiss Venture Capital.


"Bio- and Medtech Entrepreneurship provides an invaluable and comprehensive resource for life science entrepreneurs.

Patrick Rivelli, Co-Director and Life Sciences Track Lead at MIT Angels, Investor and Serial Entrepreneur.


“The book provides excellent insights into the peculiarities of entrepreneurship in the life sciences.”

Mario Jenni, Co-founder & CEO, BIO-TECHNOPARK Schlieren-Zürich Board Member, Gewerbe- und Handelszentrum Schlieren AG (GHZ).


“Extremely valuable, a must for students as well as managers!”

Jörg Meyer, former sales and marketing director, Siemens Healthcare.


"Bio- and Medtech Entrepreneurship by Heidrun Flaadt Cervini and Jörg Dogwiler is an enthusiasm-kick for timely jumps from academia to one’s own business.

Louis Schlapbach, Prof.em. ETH, former Director of Empa - Materials Science and Technology.


"Bio- and Medtech Entrepreneurship is, to my best knowledge, the only comprehensive guideline on how to master the exceptional challenges regarding the creation of a sustainable future enterprise.”

Dr. med. Patrick Kugelmeier, Managing Partner Kugelmeiers AG.

Who should read this book?

• Bio- or MedTech Entrepreneurs

• Managers

• Investors

• Technology Transfer Specialists

• Life Science students